An increasing range of technologies – from sensor-based IoT devices to digital platforms and AI-enabled systems – allows local institutions, collectives, or single individuals to generate and analyze environmental data. This one-day workshop invites discussions on the role of data and data-enabled practices in addressing challenges of environmental sustainability. Fostering acts of care for the environment is a complex endeavor entailing multi-lifespan relations to people and institutions, to the environment and other non-human actors, and to existing infrastructures and processes. The workshop addresses such challenges by exploring the role of data, and the work needed to make them meaningful and actionable for the many actors involved in protecting the environment. It will bring together interdisciplinary scholars, representatives of public institutions, activists, environmental collectives, and IT practitioners interested in the design of more sustainable futures. The workshop will discuss analytical and design issues of data-enabled sustainability, along with the practical opportunities and challenges of using data to infrastructure acts of care for the environment. The workshop will accommodate up to twenty participants and will be mainly run on-site.

Position papers can be sent to chiara@dsv.su.se
Extended deadline: September 8, 2023
Notification of Acceptance: September 10th, 2023

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